Architect Assessment
Our Architects Assessment report gives you; 1) a link to a simple professional view of what is needed. 2) independent advice about how to make things work. We do this routinely for clients needing a second eye or problem advice during or post-construction. We also give the same type of advice for simple potential home modification for NDIS and other clients needing simple changes at home. This is an open report format which gives you some time to look at your place and discuss what to do with us. We run through findings on site and opportunities the property might have for your ideas or how best to identify potential problems. Our reports usually include images of key items with simple explanations of defects and opportunities, We point out what steps and trades or consultants may be needed for your situation. Our written report can usually be delivered within 48 hours or to meet your deadline. We can bring other experts where needed to help in giving needed information for a particular circumstance.