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The role of the Building Assessor.


A Building Assessor is professionally qualified and knowledgeable in a particular field and is called upon by the consumer to give an assessment.

The Assessor is commissioned to prepare documentation on behalf of either the Owner, Builder or if directed by others for items in dispute to consider if domestic building work is defective or incomplete or does not comply with the NCC Mandatory Performance Requirements.

An Assessment is the process of systematically gathering information as part of an evaluation for the report.


Architect's Assessment

A short report providing independent advice about your specific residential or commercial maintenance problem.

We visit the site typically for 1 hour to assess and record the existing building condition, and then make recommendations in the report.

Where appropriate, we aim to provide an observation of defects, the likely cause and possible rectification.

Expert Report and Evidence

Expert advice typically begins with a Building Assessment Survey to assess the current state of works and provide a written summary, to enable the applicant to decide the best approach going forward for the parties involved in a dispute. Then a report to identify the defective and/or incomplete contract works and/or non-compliant work to building laws, for the consumer to liaise with the other party or to submit a DBDRV claim so a resolution outcome can be made. Depending on the outcome, we may prepare an Expert Evidence report. This is an independent assessor’s opinion required for VCAT or other court hearings. We provide an impartial opinion for the judge or member hearing a case. We can appear as an Expert Witness for VCAT and other dispute resolutions when called. Each evidence is unique.
We provide a fee on request according to scope.

Construction Quality Assurance

An independent detailed review at various stages of build, from contract considerations to completion.

The report notes evident incomplete and/or defective work to reasonably accessible areas with reference to the Guide to Standards and Tolerances produced by the Victorian Building Authority.

Clear definition of acceptable standards and detail is analysed for construction underway, highlighting opportunities & requirements for improved work.


Specific tailored advice and sketches for people working through changes to the structure and layout at home to safely access daily living needs. Provision of residential alteration advice for Home Modifications design regularly involves advising on the complexities involved with resolving modification to existing homes. This typically begins with a site visit, usually in consultation with the participant, carer/s and/or their Occupational Therapist. A report which includes an existing and proposed concept floorplan is then finalised. Our service can be carried through to project management as requested.

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